First Events Dated!

The new year has gotten off to a bit of a slow start for those of us in the “Late Night Players”. We are still accessing the different games that are present out there as we make our trek towards GenCon 2014. In the mean time, here is a list of events/tournaments we’ll be attending:

2014 ROC (Realms Open Championship) Super Qualifier @ Big Bang Comics in Owensboro, KY: March 8th
International Table Top Day 2014 @ Comic Quest in Evansville, IN: April 5th
C2E2 in Chicago, IL: April 25th-27th
3rd Annual Game Day @ Comic Quest in Evansville, IN: July 19th
GenCon in Indianapolis, IN: August 14th-17th

We’ll be adding tournaments, events and prereleases as we decide to enter them. Our roster of games as dramatically expanded to branch out from HeroClix and Star Trek Attack Wing to begin including games such as Mage Wars, Poke`mon and L5R.