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New events!

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Two new events have been added to our summer roster:

HeroClix ROC Challenge- April 5th @ Comic Quest in Evansville, IN
HeroClix ROC Super Qualifier- July 5th @ Comic Quest in Evansville, IN

Aside from being major HeroClix events outside of the normal set organized play or storyline series, these two events are located on our home turf.


Posted: March 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Currently I am working on a Water/Psychic deck for Poke`mon. It’s not exactly the best, but I haven’t invested extremely heavily into this game yet as I’m not for sure how far I’m going to take it. My current build is:

Pokémon (15) –
Articuno EX (PS)
Blastoise EX (X/Y)
M Blastoise EX x2 (X/Y)
Lapras (X/Y)
Manaphy (PS)
Squirtle (PF)
Blastoise (PF)

Mewtwo EX x2 (LT)
Sigilyph (LT)
Trevenant (X/Y)
Phantump (X/Y)

Lugia EX (PS)
Minccino (X/Y)

Trainers (18) –
Energy Search x 2 (PF)
Evosoda (X/Y)
Colress x2 (PS)
Cassius (X/Y)
Max Revive (X/Y)
Professor’s Letter (X/Y)
Professor Sycamore (X/Y)
Shauna (X/Y)
Escape Rope x2 (PS)
Bianca (LT)
Colress Machine (PS)
Skyla (PF)
Muscle Band x2 (XY)
Pokémon Communication (B/W)

Energy (27) –
Water x11
Psychic x12
Double Colorless Energy x2
Plasma Energy x2

Last time I took this deck anywhere, it was to a local League Challenge. The deck didn’t have the M Blastoise EX, second Mewtwo EX and had a heavier focus on Psychic Pokémon. It lost 1-2. The only reason I got the one victory was I top decked Lapras and Articuno early on against a solid Charizard Fire deck. I’m really trying to do my best to not be an asshole and just netdeck a competitive deck for next time, but it’s really hard after losing two events in a row (League Challenge and the HeroClix ROC).

Yesterday was the ROC (Realms Open Championship) Super Qualifier at Big Bang Comics in Owensboro, KY. 66 opponents attended, some driving several hundred miles to participate. Myself and two of my crew went. The team break downs were as follows:

XCinX (myself)-
Dark Phoenix @ 100 points
Bizzaro @ 100 points
Brother Voodoo @ 79 points
Utility Belt @ 14 points (On Brother Voodoo)
Total 293

Fantomex @ 142 points
Bizzaro @ 75 points
Cerise @ 60 points
Utility Belt @ 14 points (On Fantomex)
Total 291

Fantomex @ 142 points
Cerise @ 60 points
Oracle @ 49 points
Infinity Gauntlet @ 40 points (On Cerise)
Total 291

I ended up 2-3, Xyn ended up 2-3, and Draco ened up 3-2 in the swiss rounds. Draco’s score managed to get him into the Top 16 cut, where the format switched to single elimination. He unfortunately was knocked out in the first round. His over all score netted him the #14 spot, winning a “Superman and Legion of Superheroes” booster, a set of dice/tokens and 3 points for the ROC series. Sadly, our other scores didn’t even qualify us for Top 32.

I had some good matches. My biggest issues where not reading my card in one match and not realizing that Bizzaro could auto-break away. That single handily cost me a match as time was called moments after he was KO’d (I would have won on points). The second time I forgot about it but it wouldn’t have mattered, but it could have helped. The other thing that cost me was my map selection. I rolled with the “Wayne Manor” map from ‘No Man’s Land’, Quake side. I thought the extra hindering terrain would help with the Stealth provided by Bat Cloak on the Belt. However, the indoor areas provided my opponent’s with unforeseen hiding areas.

It was a humbling experience, for sure, as this was my first major event. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come.