Posted: March 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Currently I am working on a Water/Psychic deck for Poke`mon. It’s not exactly the best, but I haven’t invested extremely heavily into this game yet as I’m not for sure how far I’m going to take it. My current build is:

Pokémon (15) –
Articuno EX (PS)
Blastoise EX (X/Y)
M Blastoise EX x2 (X/Y)
Lapras (X/Y)
Manaphy (PS)
Squirtle (PF)
Blastoise (PF)

Mewtwo EX x2 (LT)
Sigilyph (LT)
Trevenant (X/Y)
Phantump (X/Y)

Lugia EX (PS)
Minccino (X/Y)

Trainers (18) –
Energy Search x 2 (PF)
Evosoda (X/Y)
Colress x2 (PS)
Cassius (X/Y)
Max Revive (X/Y)
Professor’s Letter (X/Y)
Professor Sycamore (X/Y)
Shauna (X/Y)
Escape Rope x2 (PS)
Bianca (LT)
Colress Machine (PS)
Skyla (PF)
Muscle Band x2 (XY)
Pokémon Communication (B/W)

Energy (27) –
Water x11
Psychic x12
Double Colorless Energy x2
Plasma Energy x2

Last time I took this deck anywhere, it was to a local League Challenge. The deck didn’t have the M Blastoise EX, second Mewtwo EX and had a heavier focus on Psychic Pokémon. It lost 1-2. The only reason I got the one victory was I top decked Lapras and Articuno early on against a solid Charizard Fire deck. I’m really trying to do my best to not be an asshole and just netdeck a competitive deck for next time, but it’s really hard after losing two events in a row (League Challenge and the HeroClix ROC).


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