Clearing the cob webs…

It has been a little over eight months since this page has been updated. It’s sad really. This was a passion of mine that had a fire lit during the spring time with all the stuff going on with HeroClix, Attack Wing and Poke’mon. My grand visions for the team I had pictured in my mind grew and grew. Then some where around August and the weekend of GenCon 2014, things took a turn.

Our team went to the Super ROC event at Comic Quest, some fairing better than others. Some spirits rattled, but nothing broken. We picked up our dice, we learned, we moved on. Then GenCon came, with two of our players playing at the HeroClix Worlds event. Between the bad sportsmanship of some of the players, a petty ruling made in round 2 and a general dislike of the meta, the HeroClix (the team’s primary game focus for 2014) spirit was officially broken by the end of Thursday evening. Combine that eight hour experience in with the way they ran their booth and you have a cocktail of distain for a game many of us have played for over a decade.

That isn’t to say that GenCon was all bad for the crew. The HeroClix Battle Royals, coincidently ran by a more level headed judge set, was a rather relaxing couple hours. Rob sat at a pod that produced two zombie chases from Guardians of the Galaxy and managed to walk away with one of them. A new found interest in miniatures awoke in some of us. And not the preprinted plastic kind, either, rather the expensive kind. I was able to track down a sealed box or two of my favorite tcg from high school: Yu Yu Hakusho. We also demoed Pani’s relaunched version of Score’s DragonBall Z tcg, scoring a couple if the Gohan promo cards from San Diego ComicCon.

Interesting side note: I had decided, after getting a couple decks for free, that I wanted to get into Kaijudo that weekend as well. I planned on going to my FLGS that Monday to buy stuff and get started. I awoke Monday to word the game had been canceled. Dodged a bullet there.

The big event that I say we enjoyed the most was AEG’s L5R night on Saturday. All attendees received a large box of L5R themed games, several booster packs (a few of a set that hadn’t released yet) and were able to demo other games as well. Rob discovered and fell in love with a game called Love Letter. They also raffled off dozens of games and dice kits. Much to my distain, I even won a copy of the one game I had no interest in and even prayed to not have my name drawn as opposed to win a copy: Doomtown: Reloaded. One of our friends purchased a copy the day before and we tried playing it that night. I literally fell asleep playing it. Yes, I did mean literally. I slipped off the bed when it happened. The copy I won is currently on my game shelf, never been played all these months later.

I digress, though. The set backs experienced at the tables for HeroClix really pushed us in the opposite direction. Toppled with new jobs for some of the team, and this whole pet project of mine came to a stand still. I haven’t given up hope for it yet. I still believe that there is a gem buried in all this murky water.

2015 is a new year for games, conventions and tournament seasons. I will get the Late Night Players off the ground and we will get our names on a championship.

Until next time, keep your dice warm.

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