Got an Answer Already!

Well, that was fast.

I received my answer to my long winded “Can Trunks use the Namekian Knowledge Mastery” question (see last entry). Their response:


While your explanation is well thought out and clearly written, the only current MPs that may use the Namekian Knowledge Mastery are Gohan, Piccolo, and Nail. I appreciate your obvious passion and knowledge, thanks for sharing your opinion!

Richie Williams

First, love the fact that they responded so quickly.

Second, I wish they would have given a bit more reasoning behind it, but I understand. It’s their game. Their rules. I get it, I really do.

Finally, I guess I’ll just go back to my Namekian Nail build now. It was a fun idea while it lasted. Maybe in four or five sets, once we get a proper young Trunks, I can build the Namekian Prince of Saiyans deck of my dreams.

Yes, I am calling Trunks the Prince of Saiyans. King Vegeta died, meaning his heir becomes the new King. While I love hearing Vegeta scream “I am the Prince of all Saiyans” at the top of his voice, he was their new King. Trunks is the Prince of Saiyans.

Anyways, that’s it for this one. Later, Z-Warriors.

Laughable question and a correction.

So first a correction: my final placement from the Dragons of Tarkir prerelease event was 36th.  This was out of 51 players.  Not horrible for my first official Magic the Gathering outing, but not particularly good either.  I only won 1 out of 5 rounds and several players dropped, but I stayed in as long as I could.

Next up, I sent a question into Panini today that may or may not make me the laughing stock of the Dragon Ball Z CCG community if I’m wrong, possibly breaking the game if I’m correct.  The entirety of the email is as follows:

“Team Panini,

First, loving the revitalized game!  I never had the chance to play the original, but jumped at the second chance.

My question is going to be a weird one.  Maybe you have been asked it, maybe you haven’t.  Either way, it’s a question that has been bugging me and I’d like an answer:

Can Trunks use the “Namekian Knowledge Mastery”?

I know it reads like a question of someone trolling or trying to be funny, but I’m being very serious about this.  I have put a lot into this and think he should be allowed to. 

The rules in regard to whom can use the Namekian Mastery from the rule book states: “This style can only be used by Nameks or those trained by Nameks (Piccolo, Gohan, Nail, Dende, ect).”  The first part is pretty obvious.  Namekians should have access to their own mastery.  It is the second part of the line, “…or those trained by Nameks…”, which leads me to believe that Trunks should be allowed.  During the Fusion Saga of the anime and manga, Piccolo is seen training both Goten and Trunks.

Now, the quickest argument against this theory is that the main personality Trunks that we have currently is the “future” Trunks seen during the Android Saga.  While the art work/screen grabs used for the card would agree with that, it also hurts it.  In “Wrath of the Dragons”, Trunks and Goten use the Fusion Technique to become Gotenks, which they mastered while training under Piccolo.  At the end of the movie, Tapion gifts his sword to Trunks.  During the end credits, they go out of their way to include a montage of shots showing the elder Trunks fighting with his sword from the Android Saga.

Of course, the argument against using the movie as an example would be that the movies (except “Battle of the Gods” and select shorts/OVAs) are not considered cannon and that non-cannon material would have no effect on the game.  While this is extremely possible, I’d see it detrimental to the life of the game.  Ignoring the potential content from the movies removes several fan favorite personalities from ever coming, such as Broly or Bojack.  On the flip side, it could be argued that since we are only technically to the Garlic Jr. Saga of the show (going off the artwork used from the “Heroes & Villains” expansions as reference), then he technically hasn’t been taught by Piccolo yet and shouldn’t be allowed.  However, if you go off of the second option, then “Goku- Super Saiyan God” shouldn’t be allowed for use in tournament play because we haven’t gotten to the “Battle of the Gods” as of yet.  I don’t think that would be a good argument, either way, as it has been stated several times that the Panini version of the game is under no obligation to follow the series in order unlike the previous iteration.

In the end, however, if the arguments of cannon and time line continuity do not win out, the fact is: Trunks was trained by Piccolo.  Piccolo is a Namekian.  Those who are trained by Namekians may use the Namekain Mastery.

Thank you for your time.  I hope that wasn’t too long of a question.”

Dragons of Tarkir Prelease

Went to the Magic the Gathering Dragons of Tarkir Prelease at Comic Quest last night (this morning?) and it was definitely not what I was expecting.  

With 51 players in attendance, I think I finished 38th or 39th.  The said part is that that placement is still after 15-20 players dropped.  Heck, I even had to eventually drop due to the 6th round (final round before top cut) was to start at 7am and I had to work.  But I would have been going into Round 6 with a 1-4 record. 

Played a side event with my good friend Scott, I which he thoroughly whooped my ass.  The only thing I did win at this event was a pinball/whack-a-mole style game Wizard’s put together.  You threw your die to knock down little tokens, each worth a variety of points. Land in the center, get double the points.  I got 20 points on my first throw, good for all 4 of the alternate art promos.  That was also the high score for the night until Scott rolled…a 36. 

All in all, win or lose, it was a fun event.  I had never played Magic in any kind of formal setting or environment, so it was interesting.  Lessons where learned.  We’ll see where that leads us.

Blue Ginyu or Why I Feel So Dirty.

I had today off.  No work. No plans. No events.  Just a day to myself to do what I please.  What do I do? I build a new deck to play test with and against. What deck do I choose? Why the only deck type I’ve yet to ever beat in an official tournament setting: Blue Ginyu.

I hate it so much.  It requires absolutely zero skill to pilot. I’m sorry if you are a fan of the deck type and are offended, but it’s true.  At least with Black you have to have a good working knowledge of the cards most likely found in most decks.  Orange requires reading the board constantly, knowing what each of your dozen or so Drills do and how they interact with one another.  Namekian is about maintaining  a rejunivated discard pile and balancing your power levels for the various energy attacks.  Blue Ginyu?  Get your allies out to fight the battle for you.

Thematic? Yes. Powerful? Absolutely. Fun? Not so much.

I digress.  I wanted to try something completely different than the various variants to Namekian I’d been running the last few months.  I get why it’s popular and why it wins.  I do, I really do.  I just don’t think it’s for me.

DBZ Tournament Weekend!

In a strange luck of timing, there were two Dragon Ball Z Heroes and Villains launch events this weekend in town.

Saturday was a Dragon Ball Z Heroes & Villains launch event at a different venue in town.  Normally, I don’t like to game locally unless it is at Comic Quest since they are my home away from home and source of 95% of all new geek goodness that comes into my house.  Alas, I knew the guy running the event and was really gung-ho about trying my new Namekian Nail deck. 

Sadly, it didn’t go I had hoped and planned…

Round One: 

Vs. Red Frieza

This was a bit of an unfair match.  This was a good friend of mine and only like his third game ever.  Plus, I had helped him build his deck originally.  I tried to not hold back but at the same time I had to play.  I drew two of my three Crushing Beam in the same combat draw.

Score: 1-0

Round Two:

Vs. Blue Ginyu

This deck I fear simply because it is the deck I’ve never beaten in an event, still haven’t.  I’ve only ever tied it.  Two bad opening hands ensured a loss with this match up.  He had all his Allies in play by turn 3.

Score: 1-1

Round Three:

Vs. Bye

I got the bye, a free win that is never fun.

Score: 2-1

Round Four: 

Vs. Namekian Nail

This match was a card for card mirror match.  The player was also one that I’d played before so I know he is skilled and very technical with his decks.  It just came down to who drew their best attacks first.  He did.

Score: 2-2

With that score, I came in 3rd out of 7.   I won a booster, a deck box, 50-count pack of sleeves and a retro Dragon Ball Z keychain.  This was their first major event and they handed out a bunch of the older promos, so I ended up with a play set of the alternate art Goku’s Kamehameha, Vegeta’s Galick Gun, and Trunk’s Sword Slash.

Sunday saw the Heroes & Villains launch event at my usual hangout, Comic Quest.  I was a bit disappointed by the turn out as it kept us from being able to play for the playmat.  Which bugs me a little, but I digress. 

Being a sealed event with a starter and three boosters, you build the best deck you can.  In my starter I pulled Goku and the Orange Mastery.  My alternate foil was the Saiyan Mastery, giving me two solid candidates for play.  Ultimately picked Orange for the +1 buff it gave my energy combat cards and that it gave me two options for victory: MPPV and Survival.  With no chance at pulling Dragon Balls, it was the obvious choice as I hate limiting how I can win.

In the end, I went 2-1, coming in 2nd place.  I got the Stare Down and Trunk’s Sword Slash alternate art promos, plus two boosters.  Rob was the player who beat me both in my first round and for 1st place! He scored the same promos and four boosters.

In the end, after two grueling (in a good way) events, I am upset with how I did standing wise and I think I’ve officially solidified Dragon Ball Z as my main trading card game of choice.  

Pre-Heroes and Villains: Namekian Gohan

Since Panin’s first expansion to their hit revival of the DragoBall Z TCG comes out in a few short days, I thought I would share my deck list for the Namekian Gohan build I’ve been running.  This is the same deck I’ve ran since day one.  It is also the same deck I ran at the tournament a couple weeks ago.

First, let’s look at the cards before discussing what, how and why:


Lvl 1- Gohan, Resilient Child

Lvl 2- Gohan, Young Warrior

Lvl 3- Gohan, Determined

Lvl 4- Gohan, Armored


Namekian Knowledge Mastery


Chichi, Armed and Dangerous 

Dragon Balls:

Namekian Dragon Ball 1

Namekian Dragon Ball 2

Namekian Dragon Ball 3

Namekian Dragon Ball 4

Namekian Dragon Ball 5

Namekian Dragon Ball 6

Namekian Dragon Ball 7


Namekian Regeneration x2

Namekian Hybrid Defense x2

Namekian Overtime

Time is a Warrior’s Tool


Namekian Concentration 

Namekian Fusion

Namekian Wish

Namekian Dragon Clan

Dragon Radar

Heroic Plan

Energy combat:

Namekian Overhead Blast x2

Namekian Crossed Guard x2

Namekian Stance x2

Namekian Energy Guard x2

Namekian Double Strike x2

Namekian Dragon Blast x2

Namekian Onslaught x3

Namekian Targeted Strike x2

Namekian Palm Shots

Namekian Planned Strike

Gohan’s Masenko x3

Physical Combat:

Namekian Crushing Slam x2

Namekian Knee Block x2

Namekian Flinch x2

Namekian Chop x2

Namekian Forceful Block x2

Namekian Side Kick 

Namekian Elbow Strike 

Namekian Narrow Escape

Devastating Blow x3

Gohan’s Power Punch x2

So obviously, even with the nerf to the Namekian Mastery, I am able to win based on all three Victory Conditions currently present in the game.  Dragon Ball and MPPV come more naturally, of course, with this build.  The Lvl 4 Gohan Anger Loop is a personal favorite, though it can be tricky against most Black Mastery builds.

Of course, it’s been pointed out to me that I am missing some key cards.  The biggest, and easiest fix, is Visiting the Past. At this point I have no excuse as to why there isn’t at least one in my deck.  The other notable missing card is Heroic Energy Sphere.  The reason for that omission is fairly simple: they cost too much.  Average going price is $125 per Sphere.  If you want to run three, you’re talking a $375 minimum investment…in 3 cards!  This isn’t Magic the Gathering. The return on investment isn’t there yet.  Right now, our tournament prize support is restricted to reprinted, alternate art variations of Set 1 character attacks and rare cards.  Yes, there are some playmats, but that’s nothing.  But I digress, that is a conversation for another article.

Anyways, this is a look into my original build.  As I’ve said before, this has been the deck I’ve ran consistently since the games relaunch in November 2014.  That is probably the longest I’ve ever ran a single deck build (except maybe my Water/Psychic Pokemon deck).  I’m looking forward to what Friday brings!

Until next time, Z Warriors.