Pre-Heroes and Villains: Namekian Gohan

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Since Panin’s first expansion to their hit revival of the DragoBall Z TCG comes out in a few short days, I thought I would share my deck list for the Namekian Gohan build I’ve been running.  This is the same deck I’ve ran since day one.  It is also the same deck I ran at the tournament a couple weeks ago.

First, let’s look at the cards before discussing what, how and why:


Lvl 1- Gohan, Resilient Child

Lvl 2- Gohan, Young Warrior

Lvl 3- Gohan, Determined

Lvl 4- Gohan, Armored


Namekian Knowledge Mastery


Chichi, Armed and Dangerous 

Dragon Balls:

Namekian Dragon Ball 1

Namekian Dragon Ball 2

Namekian Dragon Ball 3

Namekian Dragon Ball 4

Namekian Dragon Ball 5

Namekian Dragon Ball 6

Namekian Dragon Ball 7


Namekian Regeneration x2

Namekian Hybrid Defense x2

Namekian Overtime

Time is a Warrior’s Tool


Namekian Concentration 

Namekian Fusion

Namekian Wish

Namekian Dragon Clan

Dragon Radar

Heroic Plan

Energy combat:

Namekian Overhead Blast x2

Namekian Crossed Guard x2

Namekian Stance x2

Namekian Energy Guard x2

Namekian Double Strike x2

Namekian Dragon Blast x2

Namekian Onslaught x3

Namekian Targeted Strike x2

Namekian Palm Shots

Namekian Planned Strike

Gohan’s Masenko x3

Physical Combat:

Namekian Crushing Slam x2

Namekian Knee Block x2

Namekian Flinch x2

Namekian Chop x2

Namekian Forceful Block x2

Namekian Side Kick 

Namekian Elbow Strike 

Namekian Narrow Escape

Devastating Blow x3

Gohan’s Power Punch x2

So obviously, even with the nerf to the Namekian Mastery, I am able to win based on all three Victory Conditions currently present in the game.  Dragon Ball and MPPV come more naturally, of course, with this build.  The Lvl 4 Gohan Anger Loop is a personal favorite, though it can be tricky against most Black Mastery builds.

Of course, it’s been pointed out to me that I am missing some key cards.  The biggest, and easiest fix, is Visiting the Past. At this point I have no excuse as to why there isn’t at least one in my deck.  The other notable missing card is Heroic Energy Sphere.  The reason for that omission is fairly simple: they cost too much.  Average going price is $125 per Sphere.  If you want to run three, you’re talking a $375 minimum investment…in 3 cards!  This isn’t Magic the Gathering. The return on investment isn’t there yet.  Right now, our tournament prize support is restricted to reprinted, alternate art variations of Set 1 character attacks and rare cards.  Yes, there are some playmats, but that’s nothing.  But I digress, that is a conversation for another article.

Anyways, this is a look into my original build.  As I’ve said before, this has been the deck I’ve ran consistently since the games relaunch in November 2014.  That is probably the longest I’ve ever ran a single deck build (except maybe my Water/Psychic Pokemon deck).  I’m looking forward to what Friday brings!

Until next time, Z Warriors.


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