DBZ Tournament Weekend!

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Dragon Ball Z, Panini America, Trading Card Game
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In a strange luck of timing, there were two Dragon Ball Z Heroes and Villains launch events this weekend in town.

Saturday was a Dragon Ball Z Heroes & Villains launch event at a different venue in town.  Normally, I don’t like to game locally unless it is at Comic Quest since they are my home away from home and source of 95% of all new geek goodness that comes into my house.  Alas, I knew the guy running the event and was really gung-ho about trying my new Namekian Nail deck. 

Sadly, it didn’t go I had hoped and planned…

Round One: 

Vs. Red Frieza

This was a bit of an unfair match.  This was a good friend of mine and only like his third game ever.  Plus, I had helped him build his deck originally.  I tried to not hold back but at the same time I had to play.  I drew two of my three Crushing Beam in the same combat draw.

Score: 1-0

Round Two:

Vs. Blue Ginyu

This deck I fear simply because it is the deck I’ve never beaten in an event, still haven’t.  I’ve only ever tied it.  Two bad opening hands ensured a loss with this match up.  He had all his Allies in play by turn 3.

Score: 1-1

Round Three:

Vs. Bye

I got the bye, a free win that is never fun.

Score: 2-1

Round Four: 

Vs. Namekian Nail

This match was a card for card mirror match.  The player was also one that I’d played before so I know he is skilled and very technical with his decks.  It just came down to who drew their best attacks first.  He did.

Score: 2-2

With that score, I came in 3rd out of 7.   I won a booster, a deck box, 50-count pack of sleeves and a retro Dragon Ball Z keychain.  This was their first major event and they handed out a bunch of the older promos, so I ended up with a play set of the alternate art Goku’s Kamehameha, Vegeta’s Galick Gun, and Trunk’s Sword Slash.

Sunday saw the Heroes & Villains launch event at my usual hangout, Comic Quest.  I was a bit disappointed by the turn out as it kept us from being able to play for the playmat.  Which bugs me a little, but I digress. 

Being a sealed event with a starter and three boosters, you build the best deck you can.  In my starter I pulled Goku and the Orange Mastery.  My alternate foil was the Saiyan Mastery, giving me two solid candidates for play.  Ultimately picked Orange for the +1 buff it gave my energy combat cards and that it gave me two options for victory: MPPV and Survival.  With no chance at pulling Dragon Balls, it was the obvious choice as I hate limiting how I can win.

In the end, I went 2-1, coming in 2nd place.  I got the Stare Down and Trunk’s Sword Slash alternate art promos, plus two boosters.  Rob was the player who beat me both in my first round and for 1st place! He scored the same promos and four boosters.

In the end, after two grueling (in a good way) events, I am upset with how I did standing wise and I think I’ve officially solidified Dragon Ball Z as my main trading card game of choice.  


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