Dragon Ball Z Card of the Week: Namekian Backhand

Posted: April 10, 2015 in Dragon Ball Z, Panini America, Trading Card Game
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Welcome to the first in a long line of articles for a card of the week sort of feature here with the Late Night Players.

I decided for the first article to kick off with a card that has quickly become a personal favorite for my Namekian deck:

This card should be called something else entirely but they had to keep the game family friendly...

This card should be called something else entirely but they had to keep the game family friendly…

This is a card that is potent on it’s own but becomes increasingly more dangerous when combined with other cards. Let’s break down the text of the card:

  • Banish after use: This is pretty straight forward.  Once this card has hopefully done its damage then it is banished from the game.
  • Physical attack. Damage: 3 stages: Flat 3 stages of damage.  Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Damage from this attack cannot be redirected or prevented:  While the attack can still be stopped, the stage damage cannot be passed off to another personality or endured.
  • This attack stays in play to be used a second and third time this combat: Yes, you read that correctly.  Three attacks accumulating in, hopefully, at least 9 stages of damage.

When I first saw this card, I shuddered a little at the prospect of an attack that banishes itself after use.  One of the Namekian Knowledge Mastery’s strongest strengths is the Anger gain from Rejuvenating during combat.  It’s hard to put cards back into your deck when you have a banished pile growing because you are willingly putting cards in it.  However, I quickly realized I was wrong.  This card was fantastic!

First, it is a total of 9 stages of damage that cannot be redirected or endured.  If at max power stages, that’s 90% of the opposing personality’s power.  Since the attack is broken up into three separate attacks for 3 stages each, your opponent has to think twice about what Energy Combat cards they decide to play on their attack.  That Krillin’s Destructo Disc in their hand costs 2 stages to perform.  That’s 2 stages closer to 0 and closer to this becoming pure life deck damage.

Second, that’s only base damage.  It becomes even deadlier when combined with other cards.  How about Namek Dragon Ball 1?

"I really don't think you should hang out with him, Little Green..."

“I really don’t think you should hang out with him, Little Green…”

The best friend of many Namekian decks, this card already helped protect your other Dragon Balls, now it is tossing in an extra +1 life card per attack.  We’re up to 9 stages and 3 life cards of damage.

What about the three Namekian Main Personalities?



{Continuous} Your attacks deal +2 life cards of damage.

Combined with Dragon Ball 1, we are now at 9 stages and 9 life cards of damage.



{Continuous} Your Styled attacks deal +2 life cards of damage. When you deal critical damage, you may Rejuvenate 1.

Again, we’re at 9 stage and 9 life cards with potential to you get at least 1 Rejuvenated card for an Anger gain.



{Continuous} Your styled attacks deal +3 life cards of damage…

There is more to that one, but we are focusing purely on damage buffs right now as the remainder of the effect would not be triggered. This one is 9 stages and 12 life cards of damage.

"I'm going to call you Big Green."

“I’m going to call you Big Green.”

{Continuous} Whenever your opponent stops one of your attacks, he destroys the top 2 cards of his Life Deck.

Much like Gohan’s previous effect, the first half is the only part that triggers off of Namekian Backhand. Since your opponent can still stop the attacks, just not redirect or prevent them, you can still do damage off of them. If they respond with Time is a Warrior’s Tool they have just lost the top 6 cards of their Life Deck (2 cards per attack stopped).

"Nail, I saw a bird.  Kick it's ass!"

“Nail, I saw a bird. Kick its ass!”

{Continous} Your attacks deal +3 stages of damage.

Combined with Dragon Ball 1, this would be a brutal 18 stages and 3 cards. Let’s take a moment to think about that for a moment. If your opponent is sitting at 1 stage above 0 or less, you are guaranteeing yourself 3 Critical Damage Effects. There is a potential net loss of 21 life cards from this attack combined with this MP.

This is a card that I love drawing either in the first couple rounds or near the very end.  If drawn early, you have potential for your opponent to not have much in terms of power stages.  That will help stall some Energy heavy decks.  If drawn later in the game, the combination of later level personalities and Dragon Ball 1 helps ensure some serious beat down.  Hell, we haven’t even discussed what the field would look like if you had two of these bad boys in your hand, let alone manage to get all three at once!

If there were to be a draw back to the card, which nearly every card has one, is that it cannot be tutored through Namekian Overtime.  That card only allows you to search for Styled Energy Combat cards.

So, obviously I love this card, but it’s not for everyone’s play style.  So if I was to give it a score…

We need a better scale, guys!

We need a better scale, guys!

We’re giving it 6 out 7 Dragon Balls.  It would be the perfect card if it could be tutored from the deck/discard pile somehow.  It is a beast of card, dealing some mind blowing damage, when combined with the right cards.  The banish cost is a small price to pay for 3 attacks in the end.

What do you think, Z-Warriors?  Agree? Disagree? Chime in in the comments below to let us know!


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