Dragon Ball Z Tournament- 4/17/2015

Posted: April 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Another week, another Dragon Ball Z tournament.  

This week I ran an updated Namekian Piccolo build, modified after my 2nd place finish at last week’s International Tabletop Day event. 

Round 1: vs. Namekain Piccolo

This was a more Energy Aggro build with emphasis on Dragon Ball victory than my build.  Unfortunately, in the battle for the soul of Namek, I lost.


Round 2: vs. Red Tien

This match had me concerned as, by the second combat, he was able to get Tien to Stage 3 with little effort.  After a little Dragon Ball juggling, I was able to knock him back down and deck him.


Round 3: vs. Saiyan Trunks

My buddy David was my opponent this match and the last time I fought his Saiyan build, he almost had me but we had to call for time.  I was smart this time, however, hitting hard and keeping as much in my deck as possible.  Pulled it off with a Dragon Ball victory.


Round 4: vs. Saiyan Trunks

This one was over quickly.  I hit 4 out of 5 Crushing Beams and banished all of the Trunks cards with Special Beam Cannon.


With a score of 3-1, I was able to get into the finals. It was me versus the player that  beat me Round 1 in a best 2 out of 3 match up. 

Finals: vs. Namekian Piccolo

For what it’s worth, it was a good game.  It wasn’t as easy a fight as the first time, I went down swinging.  He won the first match though MPPV.  I won match two by MPPV.  He then won the third through MVVP.

I ended up winning four boosters (netting another Crushing Beam and a foil Nail’s Heritage), alternate art promo Frieza’s Supernova for participation and the alternate art Black Scouting Manuever for 2nd place.


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