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Oh boy.

I’ve been told I can sometimes get a bit too into games.  Back with Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh!, I bought everything that came out, even if it was a reprint.  I even hunted down every copy of the now deceased Shonen Jump monthly magazines just for the promo cards.  With HeroClix, I turned my 6th period algebra notebook into a battle planner.  Every time, strategy and combo listed over and over instead of whatever formula was on the chalk board.  While those games have come and gone with me over the years, none have seemed to warrant as much attention from me than…


The newest trading card game (or TCG) from Bushiroad, Luck & Logic is a game that allows the player (or Logicalist) to defend their 6 circles/gates by combining their strengths with that of the Foreigners (Gods/Goddesses from another plain).  This combined power called Tranceunion is what the players will pilot to victory.


From the Luck & Logic wikia, this is an overview of one player’s side of the board.

Taking what seems to be the best elements from across their varied portfolio of titles, Bushiroad has created a game that is poised to take the North American trading card market by storm.  The game is selling insanely well overseas, with starter decks and booster boxes sold out in a number of markets.  It has a fantastic, if not slightly flawed, anime as a multimedia marketing push.

The game hasn’t even been released in English yet, and already players across the country have built translated proxy decks to test and teach the game.  When the game finally does release in North America and other English language regions, I can’t help but wonder if this game will be as big of a hit, if not bigger, than anything else Bushiroad has published to date.  The game is scheduled to release in English this summer, I’m assuming just in time for GenCon.

The best part, for me at least, is that they have already announced the first expansion to the game due out this March in Japan:


While it pains me that our brothers and sisters overseas, or those skilled enough in Japanese, will be two sets deep (with three starters/trial decks) before we are blessed with just one, I can’t help but also feel excited.  This shows that Bushiroad is putting a lot of thought, time and resources into Luck & Logic.  So many times, I’ve gotten into a game because of a game mechanic or an IP only to have the publisher discontinue it after a few expansions.  This is doubly true with games from publishers that don’t actually own the IP their game(s) are based on (Score and Yu Yu Hakshusho TCG).  With Luck & Logic, Bushiroad owns the game and the IP.  It’s a win/win.

So as 2016 finally starts getting into full gear, I felt the need to share what is my #1 most sought after game of 2016- Luck & Logic!