Apologies for another late entry to this.  I attended a friend’s birthday bash late on Saturday and didn’t want to update incase we managed to get in a game or two. That being said, let’s get to it!

500 Games in 2017 Challenge:

So, I have a total of 8 games played, only 1 new. It brings me to 33/500 games played, 6/50 new titles played.  This ties January 2016 in total games played. 

CardFight Vanguard:

Finally got in a few games this week.  I think I’ve managed to narrowed down my deck focus to the Shadow Paladins. Kagero will always engulf my heart in the flames, and Link a Jokers are fun, but there is something about the Shadow Paladins that are just amazing.

Batman Miniature Game:

Still haven’t had a chance paint or assemble any more figures, but we did manage to get a game in. It was a four player game, modifying a scenario from the Suicide Squad rule book. It was fun but we still have a lot to learn behind the game.

Relic Knights

So Relic Knights is a game I’ve been interested in for a while now but haven’t really talked about.  When I first looked into possibly dipping my toes into miniature gaming, I researched quiet a few to see where my head would be at in terms of interest. I narrowed it down to three at the time, with Relic Knights making the tight cut. 

Fastforward to Saturday morning and I received a text from my friend asking if I’d watched the newest Weekender from the crew at Beasts of War. They had just wrapped up a week of coverage on Relic Knights, giving away a few starter battle boxes.  Evidently I won a set! 

That seems to be all from the week (last week). Happy gaming!

  1. Hey, I’m a fellow cardfighter, and I happen to run a Shadow Paladin build my friend outlined. It has it’s problems, but shadows are easily my favorite clan, and if you need any ideas for a deck, I’d be glad to help. What deck build are you running?

    • 4colorpress says:

      Currently I’m trying to put together a Luard build. The problem I have with the game is, due to the fact that I don’t have a real community for the game within driving distance, I base the vast majority of my deck ambitions on the lore of the anime. I have put some consideration into the idea of a Diablo build, though.

      • Well, for Luard, with the new box coming out, I run
        4x Luard
        2-3x Deathspray Dragon

        3x Dragwizard Morfessa
        3x Knight of Brawn, Grosne
        3x Dragwizard Uscias
        2x Dragwizard Liafail

        As for Grade 1’s
        4x Abyssal Owl
        3x Night sky eagle
        2x Black Winged Swordbreaker
        4x Dragsaver Esras
        2x Dragwizard Knies

        I run 4 of all the triggers in the deck, but for the crit you want to run 4 of Belial Owl since he runs off of Luard’s ritual, allowing you to draw when retired and put him on the bottom of your deck from the drop zone at the end of the turn.
        For a starter, I run Lingering Night Revenger, Conrad, allowing you to put him into the soul and discard a non-trigger unit from your hand and getting to look at the top card and choosing to add it to hand or not, and with Luard as your grade 3, you can put him back to get him for draw or field presence.
        As for strides, I still haven’t found a good setup that I like. Shadow Paladins don’t really have a great diversity when it comes to strides, so the typical 2-3 Aurageyser, maybe an Aurageyser Doomed, followed by Phantom Blaster Diablo and Spectral Blaster Diablo. With the new GB8 coming out in fighters collection, I’d run at least one of that when it comes out and at least a pair of the new G-guardian that flips up another G-guard just for that sake.

        Personally, I prefer to run Diablos, but Luard has a better deck build for drawing cards. If you don’t get gradestuck, you should have 7-8 cards in hand after using Aurageyser first turn stride leaving one card left on field at end of turn, and then from there you should be consistently drawing with use of the crit and swordbreaker. You’ll want to have grosne on the field as much as possible, because he gains power every time a grade less than him is placed on field, since Luard doesn’t really like to hit high numbers like Diablos tend to do. I’m still fiddling with the deck as of right now, but so far that build has helped me out a lot.

      • A lot of the deck builds I usually find and hear about are either online, or from a few friends of mine who like to do really stupid stuff with vanguard. For instance, we created a version of a tag team cardfight and made it where you and your teammate share all your resources and can call from each other’s decks and things. It can be a lot of fun. As for deckbuilding, most of what I do is go online to the Vanguard wiki, search for a clan, and just read cards that I think would go well in a deck together. It’s time consuming, but it helps when you don’t really have someone to toss ideas at you. For instance, when one of my friends started playing, he found out a way to get his pale moon vanguard up to over 30,000 power on his opponent’s turn just using cards that people originally hated. Now people on Reddit call him a liar and saying he’s doing things wrong. Part of making a good deck is just looking at the possibilities and thinking outside the boc

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