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Bandai’s Chrono Clash System Loses ‘My Hero Academia’ In The US: A Sign of the End?

As some of you might recall, we discussed the stealth announcement of Bandai Games bringing the My Hero Academia to their Chrono Clash game system back in March (you know, in the before time?). This was a huge announcement to just slide under the radar (much like they did with Neon Genesis Evangelion). Since the world altering effects of the pandemic brought much of all non-essential production and news to a halt or slow crawl, Bandai has been rather radio silent about the game. As expected and acceptable as that is, we now know there may be more to the story than originally thought.

Earlier this month, several commenters in various Chrono Clash Facebook groups have been saying that their local game stores are informing them that their distributors are saying the game will not be released in the United States. When we reached out to surrounding game store for our on confirmation, we were told that the game was no longer available for order and that their preorders had been canceled. On July 21, a post on the game’s primary community Facebook page stated that they had spoken with Bandai’s customer service and it was confirmed that due to licensing of My Hero Academia, the game could only be sold in certain countries.

We have reached out to Bandai Games and will update if and when we get a reply.

Update- 7/21 9:34CST: We received a response from Bandai Games and it does ultimately confirm the distribution at the very least. Per the email from Bandai’s Customer Service-

“We appreciate your support for Carddass Club.

Due to the license of “My Hero Academia”, we plan to sell it only in certain countries. We cannot provide detailed information at this time.

Thank you for understanding.

Back in our original post, we commented on the name simply being My Hero and questioned rather or not that that had anything to do with Jasco Games’ own My Hero Academia TCG for their UniVersus card line. In the July 10th edition of their “Joffice Live!” live stream, they begin talking about My Hero Academia at the 35 minute marker. At the 38:50 mark, they comment that they are the master license holder for the IP in North America for board games and card games. This, more than anything else, is probably the reason for the game not being released here.

Another strong reason is that a couple months ago, Bandai Game’s released an all-new attempt at the Digimon TCG. The game has taken off over seas and it seems like an inevitability that the game will hit English-speaking regions once things return to a somewhat sense of normalcy.

At the core of the game, however, is the unique Chrono Clash engine. The main system that made it so fun and challenging is now the heart of a brand new game. While it isn’t unheard of for company’s to use the same system for multiple titles, it is when they are such vastly different games in this case. On one hand, the Chrono Clash titles are mostly one and done purchases, especially as they didn’t not allow for cross-property play or deck building (no Mothra or Eva-01 in a Naruto deck). Everything anyone would need to play is in the box. They keep customers coming back with new expansions and title add ons. On the other hand, Digimon is a collectible card game in which more money is spent because players will constantly need to update their decks with every new release.

That “Memory Gauge” sure looks familiar…

Chrono Clash is a fantastic line that had momentum coming out of Gen Con 2019. Naruto had launched a couple months prior and had people talking. Godzilla met some criticism. Neon Genesis Evangelion was praised for its complexity and new mechanics. The announcement of My Hero Academia, however, got more stores talking about it and looking at it because My Hero is one of the biggest manga and anime properties in the world at the moment. It offers a cross-selection of multiple potential buying groups that only comes around once in a while and one that had store owners seeing dollar signs. Chrono Clash could only go up from there.

However that momentum went head first into a brick wall. Even prior to the pandemic and many areas going into lockdown, the game had problems. The lack of tournament support for competitive players compounded with the lack of cross-property play. The dead silence from the developer on even the most basic of things (the game’s official Facebook page was last updated was March 3, 2020). These are problems easily fixed, though. Now, as we drift along, we are finding it hard to see anything saving the game at this point.

Yes, the game uses only icons/symbols so that the game can be shared across a language barrier. If someone wants the game bad enough, they can import the game from another country and be able to enjoy it. That’ll be fine for home games but not for local stores. The place where communities develop and games fail or flourish. How much fun will it be to play the game if you have no one to play with? How much fun will you have playing a year old Naruto deck against the new powercreep of All Might or Deku?

Ultimately, though, things could change. Jasco Games and Bandai Games could come to some sort of arrangement that benefits both parties (Goku in UniVersus perhaps?).

What do you think? Is the Chrono Clash game line dead in the water or is it just waiting to catch it’s second wind? Sound off and tell us what you think in the comments below.

As always, keep your dice warm and happy gaming!

Theory Crafting: Chrono Clash System’s Future Sets

With the announcement of the My Hero Academia set for Bandai’s Chrono Clash System, I have spent a few days thinking about what either IP’s would make for great sets. We already have three of the world’s most popular anime series represented (Naruto/Boruto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and now My Hero) and a set for the King of Monsters himself. What else could be added?

I compiled a list of 5 properties I feel could make great additions. When narrowing the list down to these titles, I tired to keep two things in mind. First, they have to be properties that Bandai owns some sort of rights to (be it manga, anime, or game). Second, the cannot currently have a successful, in-print trading card game of their own (sorry, Goku and Vegeta). So without further ado…

#5: Mobile Suit Gundam (Various Titles)

Alright. Admittedly this one is a safe bet in that it is more a matter of WHEN as opposed to IF. Mobile Suit Gundam is a franchise spanning 40 years and dozens of iterations. It is one of the 15 highest-grossing media franchises of all time and it shows zero signs of stopping.

As far as set contents, the Evangelion sets proved that large mecha and pilots are viable mechanics to the game. The sets could be either pull from a particular anime, with expansions being popular Gundams and their pilots, or they could easily mix and match the sets. The only downside to the mixing and matching would be the card art, in rather it would be anime screen shots or all new art.

#4: Akira


Akira would have the distinction of possibly being a one-and-done set as they have only one movie to go off of. This also stands to reason it could also be only a two deck set.

That being said, Akira is a title often repeated by people as being their introduction to the world of anime. By name recognition alone, it could make for a possibly great introduction into the Chrono Clash System and non-collectible card games in general.

#3: Big O


What if Batman had a giant robot that he piloted? What if everyone in Gotham had amnesia? What if all the giant robot fighting was just background noise to a crime noir story?

The Big O has an interesting cast of characters and unique art style that would set it apart greatly from the more brightly colored editions like Naruto and My Hero Academia. Each of the series’ giant robots, or megadeus, has an unique design as different from one another as their pilots are different.

The Big O also has the distinction of being one of the gateway series for a lot of fans as it was a part of Cartoon Network’s popular anime lineup in the early 2000’s.

#2: s-CRY-ed


s-CRY-ed is a weird series as it didn’t seem to know what kind of show it wanted to be at times.  The general plot of the series is about the rise of Alters, humans that develop special abilities after a massive geological catastrophe. The show focuses on two Alter users primarily- Kazuma, a native Alter and merc; and Ryuho, a high ranking member of an Alter police force called HOLY.  As the series progresses, the show gives them power ups and dives into some alternate reality territory.

The series is fun and was extremely popular in both Japan and the United States (thanks. While the anime series was only 26 episodes, they did release two feature length films that acted as a means to tell the story more preciously and with new footage.

#1: .Hack//Sign


So my number one choice would be another for the “WHEN-NOT-IF” column. .Hack has been one of the most popular stories about a fictional roleplaying game of all time. As much as I love Sword Art Online, SAO doesn’t exist without .Hack. The franchise has inspired video games, anime adaptations, and even a trading card game series.

Bandai had a short lived trading card game from the early 2000’s that they could pull character and art from easily. With the MMO aspect behind the series, I could easily see several new mechanics introduced for the game. .Hack offers several options for either a single, one-and-done set or a multiple release set similar to Naruto/Boruto.

Those are our picks. Ultimately, however, the future of the game is yet to be seen. Due to the pandemic and the lasting impact it’ll have on our industry combined with Bandai’s other commitments (Dragon Ball Super and the Digimon TCG relaunch), I think Chrono Clash may have a bumpy future beyond the My Hero Academia set.

That is just our opinions, though. What do you all think? Do you think our set ideas could work? What do you want to see? Sound off in the comments below and let us know.

Until next time, as always, keep your dice warm and happy gaming!

Chrono Clash System Is Preparing To Go ‘Plus Ultra’!

In yet another stealth announcement, Bandai Games updated their Chrono Clash System website to announce three new sets based on one of the most popular manga/anime series in the world – My Hero Academia.

Izuku Midoriya and Class 1-A Set (MH01)

Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki Set (MH02)

All Might and All For One Set (MH03)

Beyond the box art, set names, and the listing on the game’s official website, not much (if anything) is known about the newest edition to the Chrono Clash System.

Each set will include two decks, obviously, but their contents aren’t known at this time. With the Izuku Midoriya and Class 1-A Set it would be a safe guess that the Class 1-A deck will focus heavily on the rest of Deku’s classmates that Bandai didn’t feel couldn’t warrant their own deck(s). It would explain why Bakugo and Todoroki recieved their own decks.

The set that has my interest, however, is the All Might and All For One Set. The pro heroes of My Hero Academia have always been one of my favorite parts of the series, so anything that gives them more attention is a plus (ultra) for me. Much like western comic books, the heroes can only be as great or enthralling as their villains. Judging by the box art, the All For One portion will have a focus on the League of Villains.

Interestingly, however, they are simply calling the set the My Hero Card Game. I wonder if that has anything to do with the release of Jasco Games’ My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game for their UniVersus line (the revamped Universal Fight System)?

Obviously, this is a set I cannot wait to hear more about and have the cards in hand. What about the rest of you? Is this something you’re looking forward to? Or is it something you may put off getting in favor of a more solo based game right now?

As always, keep your dice warm and happy gaming.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Card Game Update

Last month, we posted about Bandai stealth announcing an Evangelion Card Game expansion/stand alone for their Chrono Clash System card game. They have officially updated their website with details on both products.

We have a look at the official box art for EV-01, which features Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami, and EV-02, which features Asuka Shikinami and Kaworu Nagisa:





Bandai also revealed a handful of the game’s cards:

Not much additional information was revealed beyond each box’s contents:

  • 108 cards (each deck contains 54 cards)
  • 12 double-sized cards
  • 2 turn sequence cards
  • 2 play sheets
  • 1 play manual (in multiple languages)

Additionally, we know that the sets are supposed to release in February of next year. If they are like the Naruto/Boruto sets, they should retail for between $34.99 and $39.99 since they are only two decks as opposed to the Godzilla set with four decks.

Personally, that feels like too long of a wait for such a highly anticipated release. One would think that Christmas time would be a perfect time to capitalize on this particular set’s release. After the holidays, so many people are busy with the games they got or recuperating from the money they spent on other people and their games. Then again, maybe I’m just too excited to pilot a Neon Genesis Evangelion deck against a Godzilla deck.

What do you all think? Between Bandai’s Chrono Clash System and Jasco Game’s UniVersus (firmly UFS), lots of anime titles are coming back to the card game table. I don’t know about anyone else, but it feels like the early 2000’s again at my local game store and I personally love.

Let me know what you all think. Is there an anime title you’d like to see represented in either system?

Until next time, keep your dice warm and happy gaming.

Chrono Clash System: Neon Genesis Evangelion

So mark this one on the list of things that would be considered unexpected. Bandai will be bringing Neon Genesis Evangelion to the tabletop with the Evangelion Card Game, an expansion to their Chrono Clash System.


It appears this was announced via their site and FaceBook page sometime around the beginning of the month. Talk about a stealth announcement. Neon Genesis Evangelion was thrust back into the spot light recently when Netflix debuted their new dubbing of the classic coming-of-age-mecha anime back in June of this year.

So far, it looks like the set will be done like the Naruto/Boruto Card Game. That means two sets at launch with two decks, as opposed to the Godzilla Card Game that launched with four decks in its core box.

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 11.10.14 PM
The ad for the game as it appears on the game’s website, seemingly two separate boxes based on the set numbers (EV01 and EV02).

I would be lying if I said this didn’t interest me in the slightest. I was able to get in a game of the Godzilla Card Game late last week and found it rather enjoyable. The game is quick and fast paced, with as deep a layer of strategy as you are willing to dive. The fact that you can pick up a deck of either of the existing games (Naruto/Boruto or Godzilla) and fight against each other is rather reminiscent of Bushiroad’s Weiss Schwarz, which is one of my top ten card games of all time.

I was on the fence about rather to get into the game or not, however. The original announcements/previews leading up to the game’s launch were hit or miss and the game’s presence at Gen Con 2019 left a bit to be desired. Having played it in a less stressful environment, though, I found it enjoyable and a game I wouldn’t mind having a deck of. The only question was which set to jump in with.

I guess this answers that question, uh?

What do you all think? Would there be a bigger or more well renowned franchise that should have gotten the third release slot over Neon Genesis?

Until next time, keep your dice warm and happy gaming.

New Promo from Bandai for Dragon Ball Super TCG

This past weekend was the rerelease of the eighth Dragon Ball Z movie, Dragon Ball Z: The Legendary Super Saiyan, to theaters. Much like the original Poke`mon movies one the early 2000’s, this one came with a brand new card for Bandai’s Dragon Ball Super trading card game:



A new Broly leader gives players an alternative to the current Broly leader. While the original Broly leader has a limitation on only being able to attack an opponent’s leader, this Broly does not. Pre-Awaken Broly does have an effect for attacking a leader with him, one that will see cycling through a player’s deck for added bonus of discarding a card in their opponent’s hand. The Awakened Broly has an once per turn ability that can shut down any Battle Card their opponent may have.

A downside to the new Broly is that he does not get to benefit from the like’s of cards such as Broly’s Ring or Unstoppable Ambition Super Saiyan Caulifla, one that protects your hand while the hand protects your Battle Cards. That not with standing, this offers a bit more offensive options (being able to attack Battle Cards and not just Leaders) as well as some interesting defensive options.

All in all, for a movie give-away, this is one that I can see being a rather fun one to play around with. In a couple months, they are releasing a double feature for Dragon Ball Z: Bardock- Father of Boku and Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, which will have another give away (Gogeta!!).

That’s it for now. As always, keep your dice warm and happy gaming!