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GAMA Expo- Marvel Champions: The Card Game: The Rise of Red Skull

Fantasy Flight showed off the first story expansion for Marvel Champions: The Card Game.


They didn’t offer much beyond the box art. For heroes, it appears we’re getting at least Hawkeye and Spider-Woman. Red Skull, and Hydra, is certainly the focus of the set. Arnim Zola is certain to be a villain, as well.

Hopefully more details will be shown soon, but I’m hoping for more enemies. We have several great heroes, but the villains add to the game’s replayability. It would cool to have something like Hydra Cap or Crossbones and Sin to fight against. It would be a nice addition if the box was large enough to accommodate the newer expansions and character packs.

What do you all think? Who are you hoping to see in the game?

Until next time, keep your dice warm and happy gaming.

GAMA Expo- Marvel Crisis Protocol

Some tidbits came out of the GAMA Expo today for Atomic Mass Games’ Marvel Crisis Protocol– a look at Thanos, details on some already known figures, and a couple surprises.

First, lets talk about the Mad Titan himself.

Key Selling Points: He’s Thanos and he’s inevitable.

First, I have to say that I am beyond ecstatic at that price. I have said for some time since the original announcement that he was going to be upwards of $90-$100. The price of $65 puts it in a much more comfortable place, especially considering the other content beyond the miniature.

On the model side of things, Thanos (CP25) includes the miniature himself, which will have two different heads (grinning and scowling) and two different left hands (one with the Gauntlet and one without); Thanos’ throne; and two bases (one for Thanos and one for the throne). The model can be played on the throne or not.

Thanos is able to to be played on a team like any other character or as the villain of an Ultimate Encounter. I’m extremely curious how powerful he is in a regular game. I don’t know about anyone else, but I want to take a full Infinity Gauntlet on him. Since the Infinity Gems take up a roster slot, you’ll basically be running Thanos, the 6 gems, and 3 other characters (persumably members of the Black Order).

Content wise, the box includes Thanos’ stat card, 2 Tactic Cards, all 6 Infinity Gems, 14 Ultimate Encounter Cards, 40 tokens, and the Ultimate Encounter rule book.


Dr. Strange and Wong were teased on the official site/channels a little while ago, but it’s nice to get some official details.

First thing that gets our attention is the mention of a new team Affiliation with The Defenders. Honestly, I would have thought that they’d have saved that for the introduction of Daredevil, Luke Cage, and the other street level heroes. Instead, it appears they are going a deep cut and basing it on the original comic book concept. The first heroes mentioned are Strange (of course), Hulk, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, and Valkyrie.

They then call out a new Crisis Card with the title ‘The Montesi Formula Found”. New Crisis Cards are always a plus, since those are what add the variety to the game. Hopefully it’ll be a higher point one since the Hulk is one of the first members mentioned for the Defenders. It also include three new Team Tactic Cards.

Interesting inclusion is that the set comes with an Infinity Gem card. While the MCU Dr. Strange is tied heavily to an Infinity Gem/Stone (Mind), the comic version is not.

Price wise, the set seems fine. Dr. Strange is placed on a larger base. The set also includes several game effecting components. Sets like these feel like mini-expansions as opposed to just additional characters, and they should be priced as such.

The set includes the minatures, their bases, their stat cards, 3 Team Tactic Cards, a Crisis Card, an Infinity Gem card, an Affiliation card, and 12 tokens.


Green Goblin was teased at a show a while back but nothing was known about him beyond the fact that he was coming. This slide didn’t real much in terms of content but it did give us a couple extra bit of information.

First, he brings the ‘Spider-Foes’ Affiliation to the game. I’m extremely curious who the Affiliation card will allude to coming down the pipeline for this group. We already have Venom and Doc Ock as miniatures. Black Cat and Carnage have been used in card art, so they are great possibilities.

The other bit that was teased is that Green Goblin will have stats and abilities that change through out the game. It is safe to assume this is go help represent Norman Osborne’s shattered mental state. The idea of a wildcard on the table does sound thoroughly enjoyable.


A bit of a surprise announcement that began circulating was a Punisher and Taskmaster set. The Punisher has been a character the player base has been rather vocal about wanting since the game’s debut. Furthermore, more ground-level heroes (or anti-heroes) are always a welcome addition. The Taskmaster is a pleasant surprise, for sure. Though not entirely out of left field as the character plays a major role in the upcoming Black Widow movie (and Black Widow is getting her second figure in the coming months).


Finally, we have the first terrain pack to take the battle out of the big city.

The box includes a vendor ship, a tethered node, an untethered node, two signs, four lights, and eight barricades. The contents would make for a great little alien outpost somewhere, or even one of the locations in No Where. It’ll be interesting to get them on the tabletop to see what other ranges might have space terrain that would fit the esthetics.

Interesting note here was that the slide stealthily announced a Cosmic Game Mat (CA03). Ultimately it is fitting because we are getting Thanos and several Guardians of the Galaxy in coming months. I do find it perplexing that Wakanda and Asgard didn’t get any game mat love first.

Only down side I see here is the price point. Given that this is the first terrain pack with contents not found in the starter, I would assume some players would want multiples to make a unified looking board. At $70 a pack, I find it hard to see myself doing that.

So what do you all think? What are you most looking forward to? What is a pass for you? Let us know in the comments below.

As always, until next time, keep your dice warm and happy gaming.

Incredible Hulk Smashes Way Into ‘Marvel Champions’

The Incredible Hulk is finally joining the rest of his Avengers team mates in Fantasy Flight Games’ Marvel Champions: The Card Game sometime in June 2020.

One of the more interesting aspects of the way Fantasy Flight is releasing heroes and villains for Marvel Champions is that each one comes with its own complete deck. If you’re someone who just wants to buy your favorite hero and play, you absolutely can. If you are someone who wants to deep dive into the whole customizable card game angle, then the game becomes a lot deeper. The preview for the Emerald Giant is no different.

Bruce Banner/Hulk looks to be one of the more aggressive heroes we’ve gotten so far. While Banner will allow a player to draw and then discard to get better resources for the later turns (more on that in a moment), the Hulk wants you to go all out since you have to discard your entire entire when the turn ends. Furthermore, Hulk isn’t the smart one of the pair, so he won’t be useful for Thwarting the evil doers schemes. He is a strong fighter as he hits for 3 and defends for 3.

Speaking of brute strength, two of the Hulk’s 15 cards were previewed and they just make him madder. ‘Boundless Rage’ is an Upgrade card that adds +1 Attack when the Hulk is in Hero form. As the card isn’t unique, and only cost a mere one resource, a player could potentially get the Jolly Green Giant to a 6 Attack easily.

Meanwhile, ‘Hulk Smash’ give the Hulk +10 to his attack. If a Physical Resource was used to pay for ‘Hulk Smash’ (see, Banner drawing and discarding does help) the attack gets Overkill as well. That is potentially a 13+ attack killing any minion and causing some serious splash damage to the villain (or just straight villain damage).

Out of the box, the Incredible Hulk is built with the Aggression aspect in mind. ‘Toe to Toe’ allows players to get an extra 5 damage to an enemy, at a cost to themselves, however. “You’ll Pay For That!” is a nice card that gives the Hulk a small answer to threats, as well as Solo Players who might find solo Aggression decks a bit one sided in that same department. The card does require you to take damage to be able to remove up to 5 threat from any one scheme. The two do seem to pair well together, though, don’t they?

On the livestream, they showed off a few additional cards as well:

Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 12.14.18 AM

‘Unstoppable Force’ allows you to stand the Hulk and potentially draw a card, while ‘Immovable Object’ gives the Hulk +4 hit points and Retaliate 1. Effectively, the Hulk can combo with those to attack and ready to with to being more offensive. ‘Limitless Strength’ gives the Hulk +3 Physical resources to pay for his cards, helping again with the bonus effects that require Physical payments.

On the Encounter side of things, his Obligation ‘Inner Demons’ forces the flip and doesn’t give the player the choice of effect. This is a massive change up from previous Obligations. The Hulk’s nemesis is the Abomination who discards the top card of your deck while potentially getting a +2 in damage if the discarded card was a Physical resource. This is definitely a nemesis that can go blow for blow with their hero counterpart.

Lastly, they showed off a ‘Beat Cop’ for anyone wanting to run the Justice aspect. It is a nice support card that can handle threats (especially those of the side schemes that pop up) and deal with pesky minions. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Abomination taken down by a friendly beat cop?

Along with the new hero deck comes a new playmat to match!

Ironic that this is green when this game is basically printing money right now.

That was all the sneak peak, article and live stream offered for the Incredible Hulk. He joins Black Widow (April) and Doctor Strange (May) as the final new hero deck before the mysterious “Campaign Expansion” in July. Lots of rumors swirling as to what that could be. I’m really hoping for “Age of Apocalypse” or something Fantastic Four related. Though knowing my luck it’ll either be “Age of Ultron” or something Thanos/Guardians related.

What do you think? Is the Incredible Hulk the character for you? What aspect will you pair him with? What do you think the Campaign Expansion will be (or won’t be)? Sound off in the comments below and let us know.

Until next time, keep your dice warm and happy gaming!

GenCon 2018 Recap: The Year that wasn’t KickStarter Con!

Another year, another GenCon in the bag.

In the past couple of years, GenCon has felt much too like a convention dedicated to promoting currently active or soon to be active KickStarters. Now, while there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to promote upcoming products, there is something to be said about being able to demo a game, ask how much and take it home then and there on the spot. This year, we can happily report that, while KickStarters were still at the forefront of many companies, that wasn’t the case for the majority of the show.

By now, there are hundreds and hundreds of articles floating around online regarding the news, games and drama of this year’s festivities. Originally, I’d planned on doing daily recaps and news updates on the go this year. However, I was there as a fan and gamer first and foremost. As such, I tended to get carried away and spend more time at one booth than another, demoing something multiple times or not at all. So as opposed to a purely news article, I wanted to highlight a couple things that stood out to me this year.

Privateer Press and Monsterpocalypse

I’m going to be completely upfront and honest- I don’t remember the original game at all. My local comic/game shop had a large banner in their game room (before they demolished it for trade paperbacks) and I think I recall seeing a random booster or two in their closeout/clearance section. Beyond that, however, I don’t remember ever seeing this game new on the shelf or being played. Granted, the original ran from 2007 until cancelation in 2011, which was a roller coaster of a time for me in terms of hobby gaming.

Happily, I can say that won’t be a problem for me this time around.

The newest edition is a hobby game, meaning the models are unpainted and unassembled. Darn Privateer Press and their amazing looking models.

Originally, we were just going to look at the game. The models were on display at the Privateer Press booth and they looked rather stunning. Demos were standing room only on Thursday, which was completely understandable. The game was just releasing and there was to be an event held that weekend for those skilled enough to build and get their starters to the table. We demoed the game on Friday, having a blast with it. Saturday morning, we demoed it for a second time with a group of friends. Later that day, we bought into it with both Agenda starter boxes and an extra blister of minions. By Sunday, we did go back and buy a second minion box as a 1v1 monster battle works best with 15 minions.


I’ll be posting our clean up and building of the starters over the next few days.

Renegade Games and Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid

GenCon is a nonstop whirlwind of game demoes and reveals. No sooner a game is announced, its on display in some form. Some of them are things you see coming a mile away, others are games that blindside you. Evidently this is one that decided to blindside us. We wandered over to the Renegade Games booth to check out their latest roleplaying game, Overlight, only to be surprised by this sight in the cabinet:

While the top models are painted, the miniatures will not be. The Power Rangers, however, will be in plastic of their respective colors.

They made the announcement early on the first day of the show. As of writing this, the game’s Kickstarter is live, funded and well on their way to their fifth stretch goal. Sadly, there are zero gameplay videos yet, but hopefully we’ll see some in the coming week.


Fantasy Flight Games and Star Wars Legion

Announced during their Flight Report on the first day, Star Wars Legion is finally adding a much needed character to the game- Chewbacca! Not only that, but we’re getting Wookie Warriors units as well! I just want to field an army of Wookie Warriors led by Chewbacca and Han Solo. Remember, always let the Wookie win!

In all the excitement of the weekend, I forgot to get a photo from their booth of the models.


They also showed off some Rebel and Imperial themed packs to add a bit of variety to your factions of choice.

Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast and Transformers TCG

Not going to lie, this was one I didn’t expect to actually like. I heard the comparison of “Star Wars Destiny without the random dice elements” and its not too far off. Playing with a set of oversized character cards and a small deck (featuring weapon and action cards), players take turns going back and forth battling out until one player is left standing. The transformation mechanic really sells the game for me. Plus it looks like the art is from the IDW comic line.

So far only a two-player starter and convention exclusive booster pack (made avaliable at San Diego Comic Con and GenCon this year) are out. I think one thing that is going to be a determining factor for the success of this game is what the actual booster packs look like on the store shelf (both in terms of pricing and space). I really hope it doesn’t turn out to be a flash in the pan, money grab situation.

Stand Up My Vanguard

This was actually something I’ve been looking forward to for some time- the Drive Check Podcast Cardfight! Vanguard meet and greet. It was a very casual, laid back event were everyone got one of the new reboot starters (I had to represent my boy Kai) and a booster of Unite Team Q4. Lost first round, but it was nice to play Vanguard with a group not from our usual stomping grounds. Plus, after listening to the podcast and different Twitter/Facebook conversations, it was a treat to finally meet Will and Cole.

Sadly, in all the excitement, forgot to take any pictures of the event.

You Never Know Who You Will Run Into

Another fun thing that happened was we had run ins on the floor with two awesome superstar gamers. The first was John Manganiello, hardcore celebrity D&D gamer. We knew he was going to be there that weekend to promote his new gaming clothing line, Death Saves. Sadly, every time we went by his booth, either the line was too long or he was away from the booth. Luckily we ran into him on the show floor and he was polite enough to pause for a quick photo.


The other quest run in we had was extremely random but it was none other than Shaggy himself, Matthew Lillard. He was there promoting a new high end Dungeons & Dragons accessory line. That in and of itself was cool, but Scream and Their13en Ghosts were a couple of my favorite horror movie guilt pleasures. Plus…he’s Shaggy!


In the End

GenCon 2018 will definitely go down as one of the more rememberable years for us. Fitting that it was also our 5th GenCon Anniversary! With lots of new games to play and so many cool announcements for stuff on the horizon, the next year is going to be a great one for gaming. We cannot wait for GenCon 2019!

Until next time, keep your dice warm.

Star Wars Legion

I was trying to avoid this but it was bound to happen:


A local game/comic shop got in a small shipment for the launch of Fantasy Flight Games’ new Star Wars game. By time I got there, they’d sold all but one of the few core sets they got in. Deciding one can never have too many miniature games in their collection, I pulled the trigger and spent the day assembling the Stormtroopers and Rebel Scum.



For all intents and purposes, they were a rather easy and straight forward build. They included a somewhat handy assembly guid in the rule book. The Speeder Bikes were probably the biggest issue. The guide clearly shows a peg and groove for the peddles on each bike, but there is no suck peg or groove. So, just a heads up, add the peddles last after placing the Stormtroopers on the bikes.

Going through the rest of the box, it seems like the game will play somewhat similarly to FFG’s other Star Wars’ games, like Imperial Assault and Attack Wing. Hopefully, when I get the game to the table sometime soon we’ll know for certain. I’m being cautious with it, though. There are already a handful of expansions released, including a gorgeous AT-ST (Albeit a gorgeous, $50 AT-ST):


I want to get a couple games in before going crazy. I’ve yet to find a miniatures game that I could find myself going headfirst into, organized play and all. I could see Star Wars Legion being that game though. The miniatures are gorgeous. The company has a fantastic track record. It’s Star Wars, so the lore already has its hooks in my soul. Plus, the ideas floating around in my head for custom boards…

Anyways, I hope to have a game report sometime soon, like I said. Until then, keep your dice warm and happy gaming!