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Marvel Crisis Protocol Gen Con 2020 Reveals

Gen Con 2020 has come and gone. Regardless of how you feel about the way it handled, it was something we all needed if only for a few days. While a couple companies did not do much beyond the bare minimum, a handful of companies went above and beyond to give gamers something to enjoy or look forward to. Jasco was one of them, and I discussed their big announcements earlier this week. The other company that impressed was Atomic Mass Games. William, Dallas, and the rest of the crew delivered some great painting and hobby videos, Q&A’s, and most importantly – new character releases.

First and foremost, was the big X-Men related announcement that was teased early in July. The announcement was a recorded announcement featuring William Shick finally announcing the long awaited (and constantly asked about) X-Men:

They expectation going into the announcement was that we would be receiving a new 2-player core set for the game’s anniversary that would be focused on Marvel’s Mighty Mutants. We even discussed our theories on what the announcement would be here. What we got was a bit of our theories and a surprise decision or two.

First, we aren’t getting a new starter. In place of a singular release, Atomic Mass is giving us four 2-Character Packs:

CP40: Wolverine & Sabertooth – We said they wouldn’t be included in a starter because they would sell their own boxes by the truck load. Technically, we were right on this one at the very least. The two look like they are part of an epic diorama when facing one another. Wolverine includes an alternate maskless head sculpt.

CP41: Cyclops & Storm – In an interview published after the announcement video, Will stated that both the X-Men and Brotherhood would ship with two options for leaders, a first for the game. Both Storm and Cyclops represent possible leaders of the X-Men (Gold and Blue) out of the box. Cyclops includes an alternate head sculpt featuring the full cowl similar to his original appearance.

CP42: Magneto & Toad – Magneto looks fantastic and appears to offer a new mechanic (potentially) with the two additional pieces of debris on their own bases. Could this be a minions mechanic people have been asking about? We figured Toad would be a starter box character has he probably wouldn’t sell his own box, so including him with the Master of Magnetism. The Brotherhood of Mutants is getting two leaders as well, but we are hard pressed to think it’d be Toad as the second one.

CP43: Mystique & Beast – This is probably the one we are most excited about, if for no other reason than the possibilities of the hobby. Mystique, the possible second leader of the Brotherhood, offers a wide range of ideas. Replace the extended leg with a Captain Marvel or Proxima Midnight leg, or swap out her non-gun arm with Loki’s or Drax’s arm. Beast includes an alternate head sculpt with glasses and an alternate arm holding a book. We are already looking at screen shots of the animated series to decide on what book to make it.

They stated that the plan is to get the X-Men on our table tops for the game’s anniversary. That’ll put us in Q4 2020 for the releases as the original core came out November 15, 2019. The reasoning behind not giving a second starter is to have a narrative cohesion between releases and to not confuse players as to if there is a second game. They want all players, new and old, to know that everything is one game.

That being said, we think the loss of a new core starter isn’t the best idea and probably the only thing we haven’t agreed with about their game since the announcement. First, so many players at our local shop and online have stressed an interest in the game but only if there is a dedicated starter. The lack of a starter puts those new players who would want to join the game at a disadvantage either in cost (because they’ll have to buy the four packs plus a starter they aren’t interested in) or game play wise (those boxes won’t have a fraction of the Tactic Cards or Crisis Cards a starter provides). Second, with the exception of one or two figures from the original Core Box, many of them have become quickly obsolete by the natural power creep of the game.

But we digress. Ultimately this is their game. They are beholden only to themselves (and the license holder) for their decisions.

They did say that in order to get these eight to us for the anniversary may cause a gap in releases of the mutants. So if you’re favorite X-Men or Brotherhood character weren’t shown, you may have a little bit of a wait on your hands.

Their X-Men teaser also ended with a tease of what could possibly be our next mutant sighting- Deadpool!

Talk about the ability to just print money…

Before we move on to the other reveals, we have to discuss the bridge display in the background of the video. Why, you ask? Well there are a bit of a mystery hidden in there that we’ve all been trying to figure out. Sadly, due to Atomic Mass Game’s blanket “we cannot comment on unreleased content” mission statement (not a jab, we totally get it), we will probably never know.

On the bridge, we have 3 mystery figures that there have been several guesses but none that we can say 100% for certain.

First on top, to the left, we have a figure between Doc Ock and the Green Goblin. It is a rather bulky looking figure. The most popular guess has been Mysterio. The second mystery figure is at the top as well, but to the right, immediately behind/beside Spider-Man (Miles Morales) but before Ghost-Spider. Popular theory is Black Cat, but I have a guess that it is actually Dagger. Why? Because there is a third mystery figure behind Black Widow 2, directly behind Thanos and to the right. That figure peaking out looks like a wavey, dark cloaked figure. So…Cloak?

Following that, we get an official look at the Punisher and Taskmaster that we were given a brief look at back in GAMA 2020 (in the time before time):

Then we were treated to a handful of visual teasers for other models yet to be officially seen anywhere. Earlier in the year, an UK distributor listed these models but we hadn’t seen anything official (again, because they don’t comment).

She-Hulk was ultimately the most exciting of the teasers as the other three had been leaked by the distributor. Knowing they were already coming took a little wind out of the sails for us, but not in a bad way. Seeing the models in full was great, however.

Dare Devil looks dynamic. Kingpin stands proud and cocky atop a destroyed Nelson and Murdock sign. Bullseye is taking aim (though hoping for some alternate hands with playing cards). She-Hulk looks like she is about to smash someone’s face in. Her reveal image and Kingpin’s both have a second reveal teaser all around them.

That looks like some fun scatter terrain that’ll help round out a lot of players’ boards. Some people were concerned that the two vehicles would be an either-or-assembly, similar to the Oscorp/Trash Truck from earlier this year, but they will both be buildable in a single set. If reasonably priced, this could be an easy double purchase.

Rounding out the miniature reveals, we have finally seen the last two Asgardians (and Guardian) from their respective affiliation cards- Angela and Enchantress.

Both models look fantastic, though we had to give the edge to Angela. She looks like she is effortless gliding into battle. There is some concern within our gaming group that Angela may be brittle, but there are way to reinforce her to her base. The Enchantress looks great too, descending upon the battle field in a green mist. Both models will surely be a delight to assemble, and hopefully they will be as fun to play.

The reveals didn’t end there. During a painting stream, the Defenders team roster was revealed:

The biggest surprise on that list is the original Heroes for Hire themselves, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. While we haven’t seen anything for Iron Fist, we have been gifted the tease of Luke Cage’s card art:

Speaking of cards, the reveals were rounded out to also tease us with Dr. Strange, Wong, and Wasp’s cards:

All in all, it was a great weekend for the game. Even through out the pandemic, the crew at Atomic Mass Games has continued to have one of the best relations with their community out of so many other games. The amount they showcased was just as impressive. And while not everyone will agree with the lack of an X-Men core starter, no one can say that the rest of 2020 and early 2021 isn’t looking fantastic.

Though…can we get the Fantastic Four, please…? Seriously, when are the Fantastic Four coming…?

Fantastic Four when…?

Let us know in the comments what your favorite reveal was. Were you as excited for the X-Men as everyone else? Did the knowledge of the leaked street level heroes disappoint their official reveal? Are you as mad as we are that that sweet Xavier School terrain is custom and won’t be sold?

Until next time, keep your dice warm and happy gaming!

Atomic Mass Teases ‘X’ Marking the Spot

Well this was sooner than I was expecting, then again time is relative these days. Atomic Mass Games announced an incoming teaser and it is sort of obvious…

On July 29, we are going to be treated so some reveal. The blue X against the yellow post-it makes it point towards the long-awaited announcement of the X-Men making their Marvel Crisis Protocol debut.

The X-Men and their inevitable inclusion to the game has probably been the single most asked question (aside from were Spider-Man/Ghost-Spider [CP10] has been). So aside from getting to finally talk about this, I’m sure the folks at Atomic Mass will be so happy to see a new question take that one’s place. May I suggest “When do we get the Fantastic Four?”

Obviously, beyond the teaser and the date and time of the reveal, we know absolutely nothing else. Anything going further in this article will pure speculation, theory crafting. So what could we possibly see?

The first obvious thing is rather or not it’ll be single releases or a starter pack? I think it’ll be a safe bet to assume that we won’t be seeing these until October or November at the earliest, so a new starter for the game’s anniversary doesn’t seem to out of the question. On top of that, many gamers will be coming into the game for the first time due to the fact that they are the X-Men, so it makes more sense to have a starter for them than to buy the figures, measuring tools, dice and terrain separate.

What could be in this possible starter though? Basing our next starter on the previous edition isn’t a bad start. Using the original set as the template, we’ll need 10 figures (5 for each affiliation), range/measuring tools, dice, various tokens, and terrain. The obvious affiliations should simply be “X-Men” and “The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants”, but who should be in these starter affiliations? The company isn’t going to blow all their money makers in a single release, so lets break it down.

For the X-Men, the safe bet would be to go one of two routes. First would be the classic five- Cyclops (Leader), Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast, and Angel. The other option would be a line-up with some sort of combination of the 90’s animated series and the popular 90’s Jim Lee comic run. I would see this option utilizing most of them except Wolverine, Xavier, and Colossus (more on that in a moment).

The Brotherhood gets a little more complicated, though, mainly because I think this will be a more encompassing affiliation similar to the Cabal as opposed to a strict representation of the comics. I think we could see Mystique (Leader), Toad, Pryo, Avalanche, and the Blob. Avalanche and Blob fill the roll of the 35mm based characters the way Ultron and Doc Ock did the first time around. I wouldn’t expect to see Magneto or Sabertooth in this set.

Range/Measurement tools and dice will probably be identical to their first edition counterparts (if it ain’t broken, right?). The tokens will probably just have more mutant theme to them. The terrain should be fun, though. Ideally, I would love to see some destroyed Sentinel parts for large scatter terrain.

The reason for excluding the ones from the starter is to help sell the first two-packs and single figure expansions. Professor Xavier/Magneto and Wolverine/Sabertooth would be easy sells at launch aside from the starters. Colossus and Juggernaut would be prime models for the 50mm single figures like Hulk and M.O.D.O.K.

That covers the starter and potentially the first four figure expansions. I could go on with releases beyond that for figures (Dark Phoenix done ala Thanos?!) or extra skus (Savage Land map?), but lets not go crazy just yet.

What do you all think? Am I close to the mark or do you think we could be expecting something different at the end of the month? Sound off in the comments below and let us know.

Until next time, keep your dice warm and happy gaming!

Warhammer 40K: Indomitus Price Leaked/Confirmed and Preorder/Release Date

Games Workshop announced the preorder date for their upcoming Warhammer 40K: Indomitus box. Meanwhile several distributors and stores leaked/confirmed the box’s retail price.

The new two-player box (not a starter box, mind you) will be available for preorder starting July 11, 2020. The preorder will run for two weeks and will ensure that anyone, gamer or hobbyist, has an opportunity to get the box if they want. The new edition will arrive on the tabletop July 25.

For the million dollar question, though, what will the box cost?

Based on several well known stores and distributors, the Indomitus box will retail for a mere $200 (US). When they previewed the box, Games Workshop said that the value of the box would save players over 50% compared to buying the models individually. Given that there are 61 models and the new core rule book (not to mention the transfer sheets and Edge of Silence booklet), the $200 price tag seems great to me.

Of course, it should be noted that this is not a starter box. It doesn’t include any of the measurement tools or dice that a new player would need to get the battle going on the tabletop. That being said, the amount of models included and the new edition’s focus on smaller scale battles, the set looks to still be a good value for anyone.

Will you be adding the Indomitus box to your collection or will you be passing on this? Let us know in the comments below.

As always, keep your dice warm and happy gaming!

The green Goblin Torments All In ‘Marvel Crisis Protocol’

It is starting to feel like we’re becoming a Marvel Crisis Protocol blog around here. That isn’t a bad thing, mind you, but our last few posts have been skewed heavily towards the game. We assume it has something to do with our part of the world getting new releases this past week.

But we digress.

Atomic Mass Games teased their last miniature marvel (see what we did there?) on their Facebook page earlier today:

The Green Goblin was revealed earlier this year at GAMA 2020 but it’s nice to see him officially shown off to the masses.

Aside from having one of the most dynamic sculpts revealed to date (right up their with Doctor Strange and Thanos on his throne), the Green Goblin is bringing another affiliation to the game in the form of “Spider-Foes”. The note about him being able to change stats and abilities is most likely the “Transform” ability announced alongside Ant-Man & The Wasp back in May :

Needless to say we’re excited about the new villainous maniac coming to the tabletops soon. What about all of you? Does the Green Goblin have a place in your ten or is he going to be throwing pumpkin bombs at the wall by himself? Sound off in the comments below and let us know.

Also, if you’re bored with the Marvel Crisis Protocol coverage, let us know what you’d like to see more coverage on.

As always, keep your dice warm and happy gaming!

Ant-Man & The Wasp- Priced and Dated

Atomic Mass Game’s updated their character gallery with details for the Ant-Man & Wasp character pack.

The Ant-Man & Wasp (CP26) will be releasing Q3 2020 and have a MSRP of $39.95. The price is perfectly inline with what I theorized would be the price back when the originally teased the dynamic duo back in May. What is interesting, however, is that the site lists this as Scott Lang and Janet Van Dyne. Given the popularity of the films, I was sure it would have been Scott and Hope. This does open the possibility of seeing a Hank Pym Giant-Man and Hope as the second Wasp.

The pack will included two versions of Ant-Man and Wasp (a regular sized model and tiny model), 4 bases, 2 character stat cards, 3 Team Tactic cards, and 10 tokens. The three Team Tactic cards are named No Escape, Pym Particles, and Reversal. I’m really hoping Pym Particles allows you to change the size of a character or terrain feature for a turn during an action. It would be very thematic for throw a size 1 or 2 terrain piece and being able to enlarge it mid throw (like the Hello Kitty Pez dispenser in the second movie).

Overall, I’m happy with the contents and price of this box. Typically the character two packs have been in the $40 range, and in this your getting 4 models (granted they are two characters only).

What do you all think? Sound off in the comments below to tell us if you’re going to be snagging these two or getting out the bug spray.

As always, keep your dice warm and happy gaming.

New Release Day- Marvel: Crisis Protocol

It feels like forever since we got to say this (about any game)- Happy New Release Day!

Of course, this is primarily for our fellow gamers in the US, as most of the other parts of the world have had a slow trickle of these releases already. Still, it’s good to have new plastic to play with.

Today is the release of three packs that are fitting given the teases for Thanos we’ve gotten this week. First we have the Mad Titans daughters- Gamora and Nebula.

Gamora and Nebula (CP16, $39.95)

We also got Thanos’ Black Order. Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, and Black Dwarf join the battle ahead of their leader’s debut.

Corvus Glaive And Proxima Midnight (CP15, $39.95)
Black Dwarf And Ebony Maw (CP19, $49.95)

Finally, we received the second official Marvel: Crisis Protocol playmat called ‘Roundabout Knockout’.

Roundabout Knockout (CA02, $39.95)

These are available in store at your local game store, as well as online through multiple vendors. Remember to try and support your local game stores when able to (and it makes sense) as these are very trying times for many of these small businesses.

So which of these are you adding to your collection? Planning on skipping them all together? Do you plan on going comic book inspired with the paint jobs or something more inline with the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let us know in the comments below.

As always, keep your dice warm and happy gaming.

The Road to the GrimDark Future: A Hobby Blog

This was not something I thought I would be doing, not five years ago or five years from now. If you have been following our Instagram account (if you aren’t, you’re missing out), then you know last week we took a step into the grimdark future of Warhammer 40K.

What have I done…?!

This was a game I swore I wasn’t going to get into because it seemed like a huge time and money sink. That opinion hasn’t changed, but my interest in the game has grown more as I’ve watched more community videos during this time of isolation and boredom. Plus, the game is one that a friend in my playgroup really seems to enjoy so it’ll be nice to play a different type of game to the rotation.

I decided, however, that the road for this journey is going to begin slightly askew of the main game proper and jump into Warhammer 40K: Kill Team. Having played games like Marvel Crisis Protocol and the Batman Miniatures Game, I have a general leaning towards smaller scale skirmish games. This game seems like the logical bridging/gateway title to Warhammer 40,000. Of course, I understand that the game has a different rule set, but it gives me a chance to better familiarize myself with the models, lore, and general aspects of the game.

I spent the weekend assembling the terrain.

Before now, I’d primarily only ever assembled MDF terrain and the plastic terrain from Marvel Crisis Protocol. The Crisis Protocol terrain offered very little in terms of customization out of the box, save for rather or not to put the taxi sign on the cars. I was pleasantly surprised by the additional bits, like various hanging wires and cables, that could be sprinkled about.

Then I began tackling the Tau portion of the starter box yesterday. I currently have built the DS8 Tactical Support Turret (Smart Missile System variant) and the Drones (a MV1 Gun variant and a MV4 Shield variant). Clean up and assembly was pretty straight forward.

I hope to get to the Tau forces later this week or this weekend. Its so different building models for a game where what you equip on them physically affects what they can or cannot do in game. All other miniature games I’ve played the upgrades are represented by cards and not the physical models themselves. So this is definitely a slight learning curve in terms of gaming and hobby.

This was a short and sweet one, folks.

Until next time, keep your dice warm and happy gaming.

Ant-Man and Wasp sting their way into ‘marvel Crisis Protocol’

Atomic Mass Games showed off their Ant-Man and Wasp models last week, along with detailing a new ability coming to the game.

Ideally, I would hope that we are looking at Hank and Janet versions of the duo. However, given the popularity of the movies and the look of the helmets, I think it I think it is safe to say these are Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne. Regardless of which versions we are getting, these two will finally allow us to play the founding Avengers from the comic side of things (Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man and Wasp).

There has been some criticism towards this set online, however. Most of the ire has been directed at the Wasp model for a.) looking basically the same in either form and b.) the details of certain aspects (like the wings) being off in the smaller size. I think the first complaint would be more easily over looked if not for Ant-Man being in two distinct poses. The other complaint can be passed off as the mere fact that you can only get so much detail in a model the smaller they get. One only need look at the various HeroClix variants of these two over the years to see that they went as far as selling a blank base to represent Ant-Man’s small stature.

Honestly, in my humble opinion, I like the models. I will say that I think it would have been interesting to see a smaller base be used to distinguish the sizing more. Though with the current base size, the hobbyists will have lots more room to toy with scales basing.

Ultimately, I do hope we see that all four models are included in the same character pack. Granted, we’ll probably be looking at the $35-$40 (US) range for what would essentially be just two models if that is the case. I’d welcome that over picking up two singles for $25 (US) apiece.

Finally, along with the previews, we were given a glimpse at a new ability/superpower coming down the pipeline – Transformation.

In a nutshell, Transformation gives a character the ability to swap between forms, while still keeping all the previously applied effects, special conditions, and tokens. Two things of interest, though, that caught my eye. First, the character cards for these characters seem to be horizontal as opposed to the current vertical style. This could be an issue for players who have trouble reading the current cards. Second, after transforming, characters get a free placement of Range 1 from its current position. While that might not seem a big deal, that could easily help contest an objective or get a bit of extra cover.

Obviously, this was a means to allow characters like Ant-Man and Wasp to change their size mid-game. I think I’m more excited for what this could potentially mean for other characters. The Ghost Rider model, for example, could have the mounted version we’ve already seen and version without the bike? The Green Goblin was teased at GAMA to have the potential to switch stats and abilities at will during the game. Could the Transformation mechanic be used to help the characters that balance that fine line between calm and insanity? Deadpool, anyone?

So what do you all think? Will you be adding Ant-Man and Wasp to your Crisis Protocol line ups or getting the bug spray? What about Transformation? Do you see anything it could be used for that could shake up the game? Sound off in the comments below to let us know.

Until next time, keep your dice warm and happy gaming.

Spirit of Vengeance Riding Into ‘Marvel Crisis Protocol’…?!

Update: Atomic Mass revealed the full model following their teaser. Our original article follows the reveal picture.

Atomic Mass Games teased a new model rolling into the streets of Marvel Crisis Protocol

We’re on the highway to Hell!

Ghost Rider has been a model that our gaming group has spent quite some time debating. Some of our more vocal members have stated the concern about rather or not it would introduce vehicle rules (aside from being static/throwable terrain). I proposed the idea of two models like Knight Models’ Lobo, including Lobo solo and on his iconic bike as additional equipment. I theorized they could have the bike as an additional piece that adds to Ghost Rider’s threat (identical to the Infinity Stone rules that they eventually released).

Obviously not much is known about the model at this time beyond the tease. One could hope it’ll be the classic Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider. The flame effect looks fantastic on that wheel. I’m extremely curious if this will be a traditionally round base or if they’ll use him as a means to introduce a more oval shaped base?

What do you all think? Are you excited or were you hoping for the newer Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider with the sweet muscle care? Sound off in the comments below.

As always, keep your dice warm, stay safe, and happy gaming.

GAMA Expo- Marvel Crisis Protocol

Some tidbits came out of the GAMA Expo today for Atomic Mass Games’ Marvel Crisis Protocol– a look at Thanos, details on some already known figures, and a couple surprises.

First, lets talk about the Mad Titan himself.

Key Selling Points: He’s Thanos and he’s inevitable.

First, I have to say that I am beyond ecstatic at that price. I have said for some time since the original announcement that he was going to be upwards of $90-$100. The price of $65 puts it in a much more comfortable place, especially considering the other content beyond the miniature.

On the model side of things, Thanos (CP25) includes the miniature himself, which will have two different heads (grinning and scowling) and two different left hands (one with the Gauntlet and one without); Thanos’ throne; and two bases (one for Thanos and one for the throne). The model can be played on the throne or not.

Thanos is able to to be played on a team like any other character or as the villain of an Ultimate Encounter. I’m extremely curious how powerful he is in a regular game. I don’t know about anyone else, but I want to take a full Infinity Gauntlet on him. Since the Infinity Gems take up a roster slot, you’ll basically be running Thanos, the 6 gems, and 3 other characters (persumably members of the Black Order).

Content wise, the box includes Thanos’ stat card, 2 Tactic Cards, all 6 Infinity Gems, 14 Ultimate Encounter Cards, 40 tokens, and the Ultimate Encounter rule book.


Dr. Strange and Wong were teased on the official site/channels a little while ago, but it’s nice to get some official details.

First thing that gets our attention is the mention of a new team Affiliation with The Defenders. Honestly, I would have thought that they’d have saved that for the introduction of Daredevil, Luke Cage, and the other street level heroes. Instead, it appears they are going a deep cut and basing it on the original comic book concept. The first heroes mentioned are Strange (of course), Hulk, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, and Valkyrie.

They then call out a new Crisis Card with the title ‘The Montesi Formula Found”. New Crisis Cards are always a plus, since those are what add the variety to the game. Hopefully it’ll be a higher point one since the Hulk is one of the first members mentioned for the Defenders. It also include three new Team Tactic Cards.

Interesting inclusion is that the set comes with an Infinity Gem card. While the MCU Dr. Strange is tied heavily to an Infinity Gem/Stone (Mind), the comic version is not.

Price wise, the set seems fine. Dr. Strange is placed on a larger base. The set also includes several game effecting components. Sets like these feel like mini-expansions as opposed to just additional characters, and they should be priced as such.

The set includes the minatures, their bases, their stat cards, 3 Team Tactic Cards, a Crisis Card, an Infinity Gem card, an Affiliation card, and 12 tokens.


Green Goblin was teased at a show a while back but nothing was known about him beyond the fact that he was coming. This slide didn’t real much in terms of content but it did give us a couple extra bit of information.

First, he brings the ‘Spider-Foes’ Affiliation to the game. I’m extremely curious who the Affiliation card will allude to coming down the pipeline for this group. We already have Venom and Doc Ock as miniatures. Black Cat and Carnage have been used in card art, so they are great possibilities.

The other bit that was teased is that Green Goblin will have stats and abilities that change through out the game. It is safe to assume this is go help represent Norman Osborne’s shattered mental state. The idea of a wildcard on the table does sound thoroughly enjoyable.


A bit of a surprise announcement that began circulating was a Punisher and Taskmaster set. The Punisher has been a character the player base has been rather vocal about wanting since the game’s debut. Furthermore, more ground-level heroes (or anti-heroes) are always a welcome addition. The Taskmaster is a pleasant surprise, for sure. Though not entirely out of left field as the character plays a major role in the upcoming Black Widow movie (and Black Widow is getting her second figure in the coming months).


Finally, we have the first terrain pack to take the battle out of the big city.

The box includes a vendor ship, a tethered node, an untethered node, two signs, four lights, and eight barricades. The contents would make for a great little alien outpost somewhere, or even one of the locations in No Where. It’ll be interesting to get them on the tabletop to see what other ranges might have space terrain that would fit the esthetics.

Interesting note here was that the slide stealthily announced a Cosmic Game Mat (CA03). Ultimately it is fitting because we are getting Thanos and several Guardians of the Galaxy in coming months. I do find it perplexing that Wakanda and Asgard didn’t get any game mat love first.

Only down side I see here is the price point. Given that this is the first terrain pack with contents not found in the starter, I would assume some players would want multiples to make a unified looking board. At $70 a pack, I find it hard to see myself doing that.

So what do you all think? What are you most looking forward to? What is a pass for you? Let us know in the comments below.

As always, until next time, keep your dice warm and happy gaming.