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It’s been quiet around here for the last few weeks, sadly. I’ve been busy prepping for an annual event called Free Comic Book Day this past Saturday. For those not in the know, FCBD is a day that celebrates the comic book hobby and the people that love them. Every year, I set up at Comic Quest in Evansville, Indiana. 

This year I had a special 11″x17″ print and metal trading card of CardFight!! Vanguard:

Aichi Sendou and his avatar, Blaster Blade.

It was a fun event, but a lot of things didn’t come together until the very in. As such, I didn’t focus on a lot gaming wise this last month. Which was a shame because a lot of awesome news came out of Knight Models and April 28th was International Tabletop Day 2017.

Now that is over, I can start doing some more gaming related things. I have mini’s to paint, cards to sort and games to review.

Happy gaming.



Saturday was the annual International TableTop Day, hosted by the fine folks from Geek and Sundry.  As usual, I spent the majority of the day running events for Comic Quest around the great games put out by WizKids (HeroClix, Dice Masters, and Attack Wing), aided by a group of great guys running the demo portion.  This year, however, I managed to sneak away and play in the Dragon Ball Z constructed event.  Grand prize was the limited edition 2-player playmat.

It was an 8 player event with the following decks in play:

-Krillin Black (Rob)

-Piccolo Namekian (Myself)

-Ginyu Blue x2

-Trunks Black

-Tien Red x3

Not a whole lot of variety, but I was a bit excited to face off against a Tien Red deck that I’ve been reading online about a lot.  So how did I fair:

Round One: Red Tien

This round was against a fairly new player to the game and one of the guys I regularly play Dice Masters with.  The game started off strongly in my favor but mid-game I experienced, first hand, the kind of card advantage a Tien Red deck can master.  Luckily, a few Dragon Ball draws positioned me into place to win.

Score: 1-0

Round Two: Blue Ginyu

Well, here it is.  The one deck I had never beaten in an official capacity before.  Again, another strong start for me.  I managed to discard several Allies and get my Piccolo to stage 2.  Next combat, however, as I’m one anger away from stage 3…Wallbreaker.  After that, he was able to retrieve Frieza and that was pretty much all she wrote.

Score: 1-1

Round Three: Red Tien

This was another Tien Red round against a new player that I’d never played before.  Advantage was in his favor early on, but I managed to win by decking him with a stage 4 Piccolo.

Score: 2-1

Round Four: Blue Ginyu

This match was against John, the guy that beat me at the Heroes and Villains launch event last month at Book Broker.  We were both playing it rather cautious. However, a few turns in and I threw caution to the wind and began blasting away.  Somehow, I managed to win.  This was my first and only tournament Ginyu victory!

Score: 3-1

Somehow, I was able to make it to the finals to go against…

Finals: Blue Ginyu

This was the same guy that beat me in Round 2.  This match was best two out of three.  Round one was a Wallbreaker to stage 2 Piccolo combed with a Blue Neck Beam.  Round two was a WallBreaker second hand in.  It was a slaughter.  The Blue Mastery’s ability to be an Omniblock, combined with their own blocks and the ally blocks, there was no way I could land a hit let alone a critical damage hit.

Score: 3-2